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How to write degrees



In photography , the symbol is used to denote logarithmic film speed grades. But the common keyboard layouts in English-speaking countries do not include the degree sign, which then has to be input some other way. The method of inputting depends on the operating system being used.

With Microsoft Windows , there are several ways to make the degree symbol:. One can also use the Mac OS character palette, [8] which is available in many programs by selecting Special Characters from the Edit Menu , or from the 'Input Menu' flag icon on the menu bar enabled in the International section of the System Preferences.

In Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu , this symbol may be entered via the Compose key followed by o , o. In iOS , the degree symbol is accessed by pressing and holding 0 and dragging a finger to the degree symbol. This procedure is the same as entering diacritics on other characters. In Android , switch to numbers? The degrees symbol is found on the second row. In Microsoft Office and similar programs, there is often also an Insert menu with an Insert Symbol or Symbol command that brings up a graphical palette of symbols to insert, including the degree symbol.

As with the CharMap app, the table is arranged in Unicode order. In other words, it is written as the empty circle glyph circ as a superscript. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Typographical symbol used to represent different physical quantities.

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Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. Ultimate Guide to Internal Linking. Duplicate Content Checker. Review Us. How To Type Degree Symbol. Quick Links Keyboard Hacks Where is the degree symbol? Click to insert and voila! Make sure you have the keyboard for the numbers and symbols ready. About The Author: Elizabeth is a Master of the English language with a relentless passion for research and an eye for detail that surpasses normality.

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Note that "degree" is not capitalized. I am on the Master of Science course. The Bachelor of Chemistry curriculum is now online. He is a Bachelor of Physics. Got it? Take a quick test. Ready for the Test? Here is a confirmatory test for this lesson. This test can also be: Edited i. Printed to create a handout. Sent electronically to friends or students. Did you spot a typo? Please tell us using this form. Everything on Grammar Monster is free.

A-Z glossary punctuation A-Z confused words common mistakes ordered by seriousness vocabulary for learners tests and games More free grammar help Twitter Page YouTube Channel. It looks like a miniaturized O. The Degree symbol is used represent degree as the name suggest. Although the computer keyboard does not include a key for this symbol, you can use a key combination to type it.

In Word and other Microsoft Office applications, you can also insert it through the Symbol dialog box. It is used to represent degree of temperature, degree of angles, latitude and longitude coordinates and the logarithmic film speed. Place the cursor where you want to insert the degree symbol.

You can use this method to insert it into an email message or any office application. In your Word document , place the cursor where you want to insert the degree symbol. Under Font , open the dropdown menu and select Times New Roman.

Scroll between the symbols and select the degree symbol. Click Insert and it will appear in your document. The next time you want to insert it, you just have to select it in the Recently used symbols section. It should be noted that although many use the degree centigrade terminology , the proper degree is Celsius in honor of Anders Celsius, Swedish physicist and astronomer.

The name, strictly speaking, is degree Celsius with the name of the scientist in capital letters , although outside of technical contexts degree centigrade or simply degree is used. Often the circle is replaced by an o or a zero, but they are not the correct spellings. If you opted for the or because of typographical limitations, it is preferable not to add an underline it is not, therefore, 23 or C , but in any case a point is not added. There should be no line break between the number and the symbol , for which a nondivision space or other resource adjusted to the medium used may be used.

The Fahrenheit degree can also be found , although it is a unit that should be avoided in countries where it is not official and convert to a Celsius degree. These units, as spelled out, are regulated in the International System of Units, which in many countries has been incorporated in whole or in part into their legislation and which is supplemented by the International System of Magnitudes ISO The degree as a symbol in the form of a small circle located in the superscript is known almost exclusively in connection with the determination of temperature.

The procedure is very simple.