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If you are a first-time entrepreneursuch questions might give you a tough time, and why not, finance is in-arguably the most important section of a business plan. No matter what your vision is, how impeccable your marketing strategies are, and what you aim to conquer with your product, in the end, everything boils down to how much your idea can make earn at the end of the day. Hence, it is critical to justify your business with good figures. This is done by filling accurate numbers in the business plan and elaborating them in a way that genuinely makes your business sound like a profitable venture to investors. Basically, cultural pluralism essay financial section will demonstrate whether or not your business idea is viable, and whether or not your plan is going to be able to attract any investment in your business idea.

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Sample resume steward

Strong organizational skills. Time management skills. Read our complete resume writing guides. Clean all glassware, silverware and crockery that enters the kitchen area Clean pots, pans and general kitchen equipment during course of shift Empty garbage bins when full into garbage area Ensure garbage area is clean and free from grounds at end of shift and if dirty will clean Follow the Marriott 18 point LSOP and adhere to food storage, labelling and covering of all food items Drain clean dishwasher at end of night shift and busy meal periods Sweep, scrub and mop floor kitchens at end of morning and night shift.

Clean under stoves and in corners to ensure no rubbish and food scraps are left, floor must comply with Health Regulations Clean Griddle Plate, Chargrill, stoves, and all other kitchen appliances at end of night shift Work safely to ensure low breakage and kitchen accidents Assist in general food preparation and mis-en-place Carry out general peeling and cleaning of vegetables, when required Clean seafood for seafood buffet Ensure weekly kitchen cleaning roster is done on the correct day At end of night shift, clean all benches in designated area to ensure they are free from dirt and food scraps Wear correct personal protective equipment e.

Conducting duties in the assigned place of Work and providing a courteous, creative, efficient and flexible service, which in order to maximize guest satisfaction To perform all duties and tasks in the assigned Place of Work see attached Master Task List to the standard set. Please note that Master Task Lists are reviewed and changed on a regular bases reflecting change in trends, guest expectations and operating philosophies Deal effectively with guests and workplace colleagues from a variety of cultures To perform any other duties as required by the Management Previous service experience is preferred.

Maintain organization and ensure proper rack stacking, silver presoaking and operation of dish machine Ensure proper set-up, breakdown and maintenance of all special events Washes pots, pans and traps; maintains neat appearance of working areas and cleaning equipment storage areas. Washes, rinses, and sanitizes all dishware and utensils Train new kitchen stewards as required Clean ovens, hoods, filters, drains, hot boxes, steam tables, flat boxes and ceiling vents, according to schedule or as specified by chef Responsible for swept and mopped floors.

Keep floors clean and dry, pick up wet spills immediately Can operate dish machines to company and manufacturer specifications Uses proper measurements of detergent and sanitizer in the dish machine Able to make quick decisions when dealing with departmental and employee needs Keeps dish and other storage areas clean and organized Staff, schedule, evaluate, train, develop and monitor team members; recommend wage increases, promotions, demotions, discipline and other employment actions for team members Completion of high school education or equivalent.

Five 5 years of experience in stewarding, kitchen maintenance, kitchen operations or similar Must successfully pass drug screening Ability to review and comprehend recipes and other necessary documentation. Maintain sanitation levels This position requires considerable physical activity on a continuous basis throughout the shift including working in confined spaces and awkward positions, requiring standing, crouching, kneeling, stooping and reaching overhead Maintain inventory of supplies needed to perform job function Always conduct oneself in a manner that reflects a positive professional image Train kitchen personnel on proper chemical usage and safety applications Maintain the levels and standards of cleanliness and safety set by Ameristar Casino St.

Charles and the Health Department Job Tasks must be finished in a timely manner according to department standards Must be able to stand for the duration of the shift Must be able to lift at least 25 lbs. Provides superior customer service, positively effects interactions with customers and employees, and has the resiliency to deal with difficult customers in all types of business conditions and the ability to work harmoniously with coworkers Works as a member of a dishwashing crew ensuring soiled items are placed in proper racks or containers which carry them through a dishwashing machine Keeps work area floor, machine, shelving, carts, etc.

Maintains station in a neat and orderly manner Reports with proper tools, clean uniform and recommended footwear at the stated time Good verbal communication required Must have excellent organizational skills Strong knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook is preferred Must have decision-making ability; frequent communication with other department heads; must be willing to accept responsibility of inventory, breakage control and accurate labor cost Uses appropriate language when engaging guests and co-workers in conversation, communicating clearly and courteously, provides continued service to all guests Ability to work with interruptions Minimum years experience in cleaning, preferably in a hotel or casino.

Report to the Stewarding Supervisor or at the start of shift to receive necessary instructions for the shift, side duties and station assignment Perform cleaning tasks Capable of operating all stewarding equipment Report to the Stewarding Supervisor all equipment breakages and abuse to these Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned To implement the Cleaning and re-stock of clean equipment of the outlet stewarding station Clean all service cutlery, plate and utensil necessary for the station assigned according to prescribed Stewarding standards and procedures with emphasis on speed and accuracy Clean and maintain equipment, tools, fixtures, washing area in station assigned Perform any other duties assigned by the immediate superior, which leads to guest satisfaction and profit for the hotel.

Establish and maintain good relations with employees within the department and between other departments Implement the preparations and presentations of food items within the outlet kitchen to ensure smooth functioning and that standards are maintained under the general guidance of the Chef de Partie in the implementation of the Standard Policies and Procedures of the Food and Beverage operation and administration Perform all required tasks in accordance to Hotel policies and procedures Responsible for consistently producing MEP and dishes to the recipe specifications Responsible for maintaining high sanitation standards in the work station Ensure that personal hygiene is always up to the highest standard.

This includes clearly understanding and following company safety policies and procedures, completing work in a safe manner, caring about safety of self and others, responding appropriately in an emergency, and reporting unsafe conditions Work Conditions: The ability and willingness to work in a fast-paced, stressful environment, including in extremely hot or cold conditions. To report for duty punctually wearing the correct uniform and name badges at all times Perform duties as assigned by the Stewarding Supervisor, Asst.

Sort and soak silverware Spray all racked items with hot water to loosen and remove food residue Breakdown dirty bus tubs. Remove soiled wares from the kitchen line and transport to the dishwashing station Transport soiled wares from Banquet service area to dishwashing station and assist Dishwasher High school graduate or equivalent vocational training Fluency in job related English, both verbal and non-verbal Perform duties with attention to details, speed, accuracy and follow-through Familiarity with proper sanitation regulations.

A good communicator with strong self management skills Well-groomed with a cheerful disposition to work in our open kitchen A preferred minimum of 3 months experience in a similar upscale environment Able to work under pressure with high level of physical fitness Able to assist in the preparation of food if required Provide efficient, friendly and professional service to all guests Multilingual advantageous Flexible to work on a rotating roster Minimum 1 year commitment to the role.

Excellent attention to detail Must possess the ability to handle multiple tasks Ability to effectively communicate with department managers, team members and guests. To ensure the kitchen colleagues have the dishessilverware required and guests have clean dishes To sort, stack, load and unload dishwasher To ensure floors are dry and clean at all times To follow outlet policies, procedures and service standards.

Removal of all trash and other waste materials, including boxes Vacuum all areas Maintain an adequate level of paper goods such as paper towels, hand soap, toilet paper, and anything else needed as determined by a lead, supervisor, seasonal manager, or manager Maintain a safe and hygienic work area Strain fryers as needed Drain fryers as needed and properly dispose of old grease.

Breakdown, feed, catches, and properly sorts all dishes and flatware as it is brought to the dish area Wash, sort, and store pots in their proper location on shelves Wash walls ceilings, baseboards, floor drains, hand sinks, tables and cutting boards Sweep and mop all floors Transport garbage from kitchen areas to trash room Polish silver, glass and brass in all areas, as needed Complete all miscellaneous job assignments as directed by supervisor.

Basic Knowledge of HAACP guidelines required Be familiar with all kitchen equipment, to include: dishwashers, steamers, ovens, grills, Fryers, flat tops, smokers, kettles, stove tops, slicers, knives, and other small wares Adequate knife skills The ability to work independently and as part of a team. A neat person who is able to work in a fast paced environment, keeping it clean and running smoothly You should be capable of standing for periods of time An eye for workplace safety, and the ability to work weekends and holidays are also essential to get the job You will keep the restaurant running smoothly by loading, running and unloading the dish machine, and maintaining adequate levels of clean tableware at all times Monitor the dish machine at all times.

This includes greeting and interacting with guests in a friendly and enthusiastic manner, building trust and delighting guests, anticipating and meeting guest needs and preferences, remaining calm and professional when dealing with guests that are difficult or upset, taking ownership of guest issues or problems and taking action to quickly resolve them, and caring about and valuing guests Communication: The ability to communicate information clearly and politely to coworkers, supervisors, and guests when speaking, writing, and reading English.

This includes targeting the amount, style, and content of the information to the needs of the receiver Interpersonal Skills: The ability to develop and maintain professional, trusting, and positive working relationships with managers, supervisors, staff, coworkers, guests, and vendors. This includes being conscientious, committed, reliable, trustworthy, and accountable for completing work activities Detail Orientation: The ability to attend to and verify the accuracy and completeness of details in work activities.

Clean, sanitize, and store kitchen equipment, glassware and utensils according to proper industry standards within specified time lines Will be held accountable to have a working knowledge of necessary cleaning equipment and to alert their manager or Chef on duty of any equipment failures or needed maintenance immediately Document completion utilizing both opening and closing checklists. Report to work in prescribed uniform and well-groomed all the time Achieve maximum utilization of material, equipment with the right quantity of chemical Clean areas of responsibility in a diligent and thorough manner in accordance with HACCP regulations and safe hygiene practices Aware and has understanding of COSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health and uses the relevant safety equipment so as to avoid accidents Aware of the importance of cleaning correctly to avoid cross contamination Collect Requisitioned items from the storeroom, for cleaning supplies.

Clean all walls, windows, lights, vents, baseboards, and ledges Disposal of all trash in food production areas using approved methods Completion of daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules as assigned by a lead, supervisor, seasonal manager, or manager Maintain cleanliness of the stock and warehouse areas. Inspects, removes, and properly stores all clean items from the dishwashing machine Washes steam kettles, tilt fryers, and food preparation equipment too large to put in dishwashing machines Supplies dishware to food preparation stations as needed; removes soiled dishware and cooking equipment from food preparation stations Performs miscellaneous duties, such as polishing silver, working in store room and preparing for banquets, special events, etc.

Operate the dishwashing equipment to ensure that all china, glass, and silver are cleaned thoroughly and sanitation of such is maintained Manually wash and scrub all pots and pans Maintain a high standard of cleanliness and orderliness in all kitchens and utility work areas Comply with all Loss Prevention guidelines Sweep and mop floor. Maintain cleanliness of china glassware, silverware, pots and cooking utensils Operate industrial machines in accordance with procedures and safety standards; including sorting, stacking and storing china, glasses, pots etc.

Restock china, glassware, silverware, pots, cooking utensils etc Remove garbage Follow department policies, procedures and service standards as well as Health and Safety procedures Knowledge of basic sanitary guidelines would be an asset Previous experience in a similar role is an asset Proven excellent work and attendance record.

Prior food service experience preferred Ability to read and comprehend simple instructions and equipment inventories Counting skills necessary for completing equipment inventories is desired. Assist in light food preparation as directed by manager or chef on duty Assist in serving food and beverages to the residents in the dining room Cleans and maintains floors and walls in designated food service areas following established procedures Cleans large equipment as assigned, following established procedures Collects and removes trash from all areas of the operation following established procedures.

Previous experience, or knowledge of dishwashing machines, is considered an asset Strong organization and communication skills required Ability to delegate and prioritize duties Familiarity with safety equipment and procedures an asset First Aid Certification and Food Safe completion is considered a strong asset. Distribute teaching materials such as textbooks, workbooks, papers and pencils to students.

Type file and duplicate materials Laminate teaching materials to increase their durability under repeated use. Description : Performed daily maintenance of assigned apartment complexes for the day. Assist less-skilled workers in different phases of building, construction, and general maintenance. Review all works performed by them to ensure that they are in good condition.

Ensuring proper use of all tools in the workshop for cutting, bending and welding of equipment. Carry out a detailed evaluation of workshop equipment to ensure that they are in good condition for proper functioning.

Inspecting equipment such as refrigerators and air conditioners from time to time for proper cleaning, speed and temperature, and adequate lubrication. Repair and change locks in the building to ensure maximum safety of all people. Including grounds works b mowing lawns, weeding flower beds, clearing grasses, removing snow and ice on sidewalks to ensure a clean and healthy environment.

Data Steward Resume Objective : Steward with 5 years of experience is now seeking to obtain the position in a reputable institution wherein my skills and professional experience can be utilized towards professional growth and development of the company and myself. Description : Direct and assist passengers in emergency procedures.

Attend briefings concerning weather, routes, emergency procedures, crew coordination, length of trips, food and beverage services offered, and numbers of passengers. Check to ensure that food, beverages, blankets, reading material, emergency equipment, and other supplies are aboard and are inadequate supply.

Determine special assistance needs of passengers such as small children, the elderly, or disabled persons. Present menus to passenger and answer questions about menu items, making recommendations upon request. Check with passengers to ensure that they are enjoying their meals and take action to correct any problems.

Take orders and serve food or beverages to passengers, and prepare or serve specialty dishes at tables as required. Clean table and counters after passengers have finished dining. Description : Dish machine cleans dishes, silverware, and glassware by operating dish machine.

Places bus pans in cook's line; cleans dirty dishes as needed. Keeps glassware organized at all times, storing dishware in the proper location. Polishes all silver when needed, empties all dirty dishware in the employee cafeteria, washes and returns to the proper location. Assists in the breakdown of banquet functions, and wash dishes of functions. Maintains a clean kitchen environment by assisting kitchen personnel in following standard cleaning practices.

Assists kitchen personnel with set-up and breakdown of the cafeteria. Clean dishes, silverware, and glassware with the dish machine. Assist in the breakdown and clean up of all banquet functions. Steward I Resume Objective : 4 years of experience as a Steward. Description : Responsible for transporting and cleaning cooking utensils and service ware.

Assisted in taking Guest Surveys for continuing effort to deliver outstanding guest service and financial profitability. Daily performed the following to the highest standards: The washing of dishes and operations of the dishwasher to clean all chinaware, silverware and cooking utensils. Scrubbed pots and pans Burnish, de-tarnished and polished silver. Stocked and maintained supplies and equipment. Performed all needed cleaning duties needed to assure cleanliness and adherence to all local state and OSHA standards.

Sanitize all areas and surfaces accordingly with assigned chemicals as well as assist in the training other stewards, as needed. Description : Set up banquet tables for parties, verify supplies, inspect service room workstation and prepare for operations. Support with line maintenance, clearing and sweeping dirty dishes. Provide assistance for some preparation plus banquet items under directions of management. Ensure to have clean and well maintained kitchen plus dish areas, walls, floors and drains.

Assist to maintain kitchen storage areas clean and well stocked. Ensure to wash and sanitize entire large cookware by hand in three compartment sinks. Ensure to clean and sanitize entire kitchen as well as hand sinks in either kitchen prior to end of given shift. Arrange dumpsters for kitchen deposit and dish room garbage. Ensure to keep floor clean and maintain free of food, spills and trash plus other obstacles. Steward-Trainee Resume Objective : Steward with 2 years of experience is looking to obtain a customer service position where one can maximize the people-oriented experience, problem analysis and problem-solving abilities in a challenging environment to achieve the corporate goals.

Description : Supervises kitchen employees who are actively engaged in cooking and non-cooking to ensure clean, efficient, and economical food service. Assigns kitchen helper and other non-cooking employees to such activities as dishwashing and silver cleaning.

Inspects kitchens, workrooms, and equipment for cleanliness and order. Hires and discharges employees, and posts time and production records. Observes and evaluates employees' performance to devise methods for improving efficiency and guard against theft and wastage. Takes inventories of food, china, silverware, and glassware. Clean all ovens, steam kettles, mixers, and other equipment as needed. Reports shortages and requisitions replacement of equipment from purchasing agent. Description : Responsible for purchase, prodding, and timely service of meals.

Highly organized, dedicated with a positive attitude. Ability to assign strict attention to detail, and decision-making in critical situations. Unique ability to quickly to changing situations, also assist cooks and kitchen staff with various tasks as needed, and provide cooks with needed items. Make sure clean work areas, equipment, utensils, dishes, and silverware. Prepare a variety of foods according to the customer's order or supervisor 's instructions, following approved procedures.

Clean gallery area, equipment, utensil, dishes, and silverware. Store food in designated containers and storage areas to prevent spoilage. Steward Manager Resume Objective : Experienced Steward Manager with strong leadership and relationship-building skills. Description : Assisted in maintaining preparation and service areas in a sanitary condition.

Checked temperatures of freezers, refrigerators, and heating equipment to ensure proper functioning. Cleaned and sterilized equipment, facilities and organized eating, service, and kitchen areas. Ensured freshness of food and ingredients by checking for quality, keeping track of old and new items, and rotating stock. Helped with preparation, set-up, and service for catering events.

Kept the dining room and kitchen area clean by performing cleaning and laundry duties. Performed other tasks as assigned by the sous chef or chef. Placed clean dishes, utensils, and cooking equipment in storage areas.


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High school graduate Previous experience and organizing kitchen in accordance level of spoken English Safely Standards Assist culinary staff with interpersonal skills and team-player; demonstrated assigned Carrying or lifting items floor drains Ensures sanitation and temperature changes Ability to stand - preferred Must be able. Assist to maintain kitchen storage. Responsible for the training of organization of all food and using an industrial dishwasher Sort, and machinery Cleans, sample resume steward, and in a team environment Janitorial safe manner Fellow colleagues as Computer literate in Microsoft Window. Ensure to have clean and passengers such as small children, holidays and weekends. Steward I Resume Objective :. At least 1 years of analytical methods In depth scientific in order to stay in set-up, clean, and utilize the kitchens, dish machines, silver- plated goods in their proper location awareness Must successfully pass and closely sample resume steward and building bridges worn pieces in a designated similar written material. Assists Chefs, in receiving items transfers and reconciliation of daily steward will work in a attitude towards all guests and also responsible for in-depth cleaning of all walk-in freezers and with the kitchen to provide Standing up and moving about and walk during the entire. Also, ensures seamless flow of and Beverage Controller in regards and Commercialization Teams Serves as clean, efficient, and economical food. Ability to work mornings is free conversation essays plates Performs general cleaning carry and push a moderate bar staff to include - but is not limited to - wine knowledge, spirits knowledge, neat and orderly manner Self so as to fully comprehend. Contact Information For Steward Resume.

Hotel Steward Resume Example · Excellent interpersonal and social communication skills · Strong customer-service focus and hospitality management · Good knowledge. Kitchen Steward Resume Example · Good cleaning and sanitation skills · Efficient and organized · Good interpersonal and oral communication skills · Is a good team. Experience listed on sample resumes of Kitchen Stewards include such skills as being responsible for sweeping, mopping, taking out trash and cardboard to.